We focus on providing our clients with a consistent, accountable service that encapsulates all their operational and strategic requirements across all residential tenures with an on-site, 24/7, holistic approach.

Our skills lie in creating and managing communities that incorporate both social and private landlords in which people aspire to live. We have a 15-year track record of managing large developments and small blocks on behalf of developers and resident management companies.

We deliver services using our own directly employed staff, managed wherever cost allows by a dedicated on-site Village Manager.  Our staff are permanent employees which helps to ensure that we deliver consistent, high quality services and increases engagement, cohesion and mutual respect between us and our residents.

Our extensive breadth of residential management service is underpinned by a solid customer service orientated operational platform built on innovative IT backed by in-house technical and financial expertise.

Property Management

Our extensive, joined-up management package covers service charge and rent collection, reactive, planned and cyclical maintenance, utility management, concierge, security, cleaning, grounds maintenance, resident communication and contractor management. Using our own specialist staff, Pinnacle Places, creates a seamless, coherent, accountable and exceptional value service for clients and residents.

Our culture of inclusive and responsive resident management helps to sustain high levels of resident satisfaction, low arrears, low voids and high occupancy levels.

All residents receive the same outstanding standard of service from our teams, no matter the tenure of their property. Capitalising on our breadth of experience managing private leasehold and social properties, our teams deal with complex, mixed tenure, environments.

Our property management service provides 24/7 access for routine, reactive and emergency maintenance as well as general inquiries. Pinnacle Connect, our 24/7 contact centre, underpins our property management function by ensuring that our residents have support at any time.

We use the buying power of the Pinnacle Group to aggregate supplier agreements and drive best value for money from our contractors and suppliers which are regularly reviewed. Our bespoke property management system covers third party contractor compliance and as standard.

Property Services

Our team of experienced and qualified landscape gardeners, grounds maintenance operatives and cleaners ensures that each development and its surrounding environment remains immaculate year-round.

We always offer a seamless service across a development so no distinction can be made between differing tenures.
Our staff are on permanent contracts and under the direct supervision of a Village Manager, allowing them to develop relationships with residents and the local community, providing an open, adaptable and accountable service that directly addresses the needs of all stakeholders.

Our comprehensive offering reaches further into the community by including the management and maintenance of communal spaces and public realm features such as parks, play areas and community facilities.

Asset Management & Technical Services

Modern, large developments are technically complex, and so managing them requires a wider range of technical skills.

We recognise that these skills cannot realistically all be held by our managers, so as part of our holistic asset management approach, our in-house qualified technical services team provides close support for our managers as well as life cycle modelling, planned and cyclical maintenance scheduling, statutory compliance and legislative reporting. We undertake stock condition analysis and project manage both minor and major works. This team includes a range of specialists, covering all areas of need, and provides transparency, efficiency and excellent value.

Compliance & Audit

We recognise that todays’ regulatory environment is stringent and wide-ranging, so ensuring that our clients’ statutory obligations are met is a high priority for us.

We deliver this using Pinnacle Group’s in-house Health & Safety team, who provide specialist advice and routine compliance checks, and then monitor performance to ensure task completion.

Every contract is subjected to an annual Compliance Audit, covering all statutory obligations and maintenance services, which ensures that fresh, independent assessors review every contract.

Finance Accounts & Legal

We provide comprehensive service charge and ground rent accounting to ensure that our clients are well informed in a timely way.

Our qualified staff oversee financial health through real time reporting and robust cash flow management, by aggregating third party suppliers and utilising self-delivery and in house expertise to maximise efficiency and minimise expenditure.

Clients can receive regular debtors reports and expenditure statements, quarterly performance reports, comparisons to budget in addition to statutory annual accounts. Records can be made available for inspection by clients and residents, through our portal or on site. Our specialist team pursues arrears and where necessary instructs solicitors to ensure recovery.